Vg1-E class Erasmus trip to Warsaw

  • Vg1-E class Erasmus trip to Warsaw
  • Vg1-E class Erasmus trip to Warsaw

10 students and 1 teacher from the International Class in St. Olav vg1 are headed off to Warsaw on the second part of our Erasmus Project with schools from Scotland, Finland, Italy and Poland. The students will stay with local families and learn about each others cutlures, traditions and languages while working on developing our tourist App for young people visiting our cities.

After a fairly uneventful flight to Amsterdam, the fun started with a delayed flight to Warsaw due to wind. We passed the time by exploring the airport, playing piano, writing travel poetry on the magnet wall at the airport for other travellers to decode our symbolic meanings. Then, to the amazement of other passengers, we practiced our presentation. They seemed impressed so we guess it was successful!

Then after a quick burger stop, we were on our way, nervous and excited. Our host families were waiting for us and after a few awkward greetings we went off with them. In no time, we were all friends and chatting no problem.

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