International Public Speaking Competition

  • International Public Speaking Competition
    Kamilla is number four from the right in the second bottom row
  • International Public Speaking Competition
  • International Public Speaking Competition
  • International Public Speaking Competition

2IB student Kamilla Marianayagam reached the semi-finals of the annual International Public Speaking Competition at Dartmouth House, London in May 2016. 

The recent English Speaking Union International Public Speaking Competition (IPSC) on May 9th 2016 at Dartmouth House, London was an incredible and unforgettable experience which through the course of the week became something much more than just a competition.  In the face of tough competition with contestants from more than 50 countries from all over the world, St. Olav vgs 2IB student, Kamilla Marianayagam reached the semi-finals, making new friends along the way.

Kamilla writes ”I learned a lot about the ways in which our cultures and everyday lives differ, and interestingly, the many more ways they are alike, an idea embodied in the IB Learner Profile. The week consisted of workshops where we honed our public speaking skills, including an excellent class with actors from the famous Shakespearean Globe Theatre. After some tough competition, I made it to the semi-finals, which was amazing, albeit a bit daunting, though I was satisfied with my effort and feel that this experince has enriched me as an IB student. It was an honour to represent St Olav Vgs at this annual competition and would recommend it to future students. I would like to thank my teachers, my fellow students at St Olav, friends and family who encouraged me before the competition and gave me invaluable advice. I would also like to thank the English Speaking Union in Stavanger for giving St. Olav vgs students a chance to participate in this illustrious competition. And finally I would like to thank the school for allowing me to take time off from school to experience something I shall never forget.”

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